Terms & Conditions

Contractual Parties:
Article I
1. The Contractual Parties in the provision of accommodation services (hereinafter only "Services") by Hotel LOFT & Wilson Palace (hereinafter only "Hotel") to its clients are:
a. LOFT HOTEL, s.r.o., Štefánikova  4, 811 05 Bratislava, registered in the Commercial Register of Bratislava III District Court, Section: Sro, Insert No. 128232/B
Company ID No. (IČO): 51704099, Tax ID No. (DIČ): 2120762215, VAT ID No. (IČ DPH): SK2120762215
b. Individuals or legal entities (hereinafter only "Clients")
2. An order to provide Hotel Services (hereinafter only "Reservation") can only be applied by a Client at the Hotel in person, via the telephone or in writing, via fax or Internet.
3. The contents of a Reservation are shown on the Hotel's website www.lofthotel.sk.
4. If the Hotel's capacity allows, the Reservation contains all established facts and information and the Client provides the Hotel will the necessary information to secure fulfilment of its obligations, the Hotel will confirm the provisions of these Services to the Client as specified in the Reservation.
5. The confirmation of a Reservation will be completed by the Hotel in writing, via fax or the Internet.
Article II
Provision of Hotel Services to the Client
1. The Hotel will provide Services to a Client on the basis of a Reservation only after it is confirmed by the Hotel and that, in accordance with this confirmation, no other agreement is made between the Contractual Parties.
2. The Hotel will provide the Client with the Services in an agreed scope and method that is defined by the Hotel's valid materials, in particular its webpage:www.hotelmarrols.sk.
3. The Client is obliged to pay the agreed price for Services provided by the Hotel; otherwise prices are set following the Hotel's valid price list. This applies for the actual price as well as the method and term for providing such payment.
4. The Hotel is authorised to require payment in advance or a deposit. The Hotel is obliged to inform the Client of such a request in the written confirmation of a Reservation.
5. The price for the Hotel's Services is based on the Reservation confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, valid prices from the price list shown at the Hotel's reception and published on the Hotel's webpage are applied.
In case a guest brakes the ban on smoking in his/her room, the hotel has the right to raise the agreed price by the sum shown in the Accommodation rules.
6. The payment term for Services is at the latest on the last agreed date of Service provision.
7. The payment should be made by cash or by card.
Article III
Client Rights and Obligations
1. The Client has the right to Service provision from 3:00 PM on the first day of Service Provision.
2. The Client is obliged to properly return the appropriate room in the Hotel after the provision of Services at the latest by 11:00 a.m. on the agreed last day of Service provision, unless otherwise agreed. If the Client will be delayed in fulfilling his or her obligations, the Client will be obliged to pay the Hotel an appropriate price for the room following the price list shown at the Hotel's reception and published on the Hotel's webpage for each day of delay.
3. If the Client does not arrive for their accommodation by 12:00 midnight on the first date of the agreed Service provisions and the no other agreement was made in writing, via fax or Internet, the Hotel may cancel the provisions of Services to the Client. The Hotel is obliged to notify the Client of this in writing, via fax or the Internet.
4. The Client is entitled to unilaterally cancel the provision of Services as confirmed by the Hotel.
5. The Client is obliged to pay the Hotel a cancellation fee under the conditions and in the amount shown in Points 6 and 7 of this Article for such unilateral cancellation of Service provision.
6. If the Client notifies the Hotel of such unilateral cancellation of confirmed Service provision by 6:00 PM on the day before the first day of Service provision, the Hotel will not apply a cancellation fee towards the Client.
7. If the Client notifies the Hotel of such unilateral cancellation of confirmed Service provision after the term shown in Point 6 of this Article, the Hotel will gain the right to a cancellation fee in the amount of 100% of the price for confirmed Services for the first day of accommodation.
8. If the reservation is non-refundable, in case of no-show or cancellation 100% of the total amount will be charged.
Article IV
Out-of-court dispute resolution
1. The Slovak Trade Inspection Authority, with its registered office at P. O. BOX 29, Bajkalská 21 / A, 827 99 Bratislava, Internet address: https://www.soi.sk/sk, is responsible for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes arising from the purchase contract. The online dispute resolution platform at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr can be used to resolve disputes between the seller and the buyer under the purchase agreement.
2. European Consumer Center Slovak Republic, with its registered office at Mlynské nivy 44 / A 827 15, Bratislava 212 Slovak Republic, internet address: http://www.evropskyspotrebitel.sk is a contact point pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 524/2013 of 21 May 2013 on the settlement of consumer disputes online and complements Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC (Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Regulation).
3. The seller is entitled to sell goods on the basis of a trade license. The trade license control is performed by the relevant trade licensing office within its competence. To a limited extent, the Slovak Trade Inspection Authority supervises compliance with the Consumer Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act at a distance.
Article V
Final Provisions
1. These general business terms and conditions and the legal relationships thereby created are managed by the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
2. The Client's stay in the Hotel is managed by the Hotel Accommodation Rules and Regulations, which are binding for Clients. The Hotel Accommodation Rules and Regulations are located at the Hotel's reception and in each room in the Hotel.
3. If the Client provides the Hotel with any information as to its debit or payment card, including related numbers, the Client at the same time expresses its consent to allow the Hotel to use this card to satisfy its financial claims towards the Client, in particular when seeking payment for Service cancellation fees.
4. The Client, via the delivery of a Reservation to the Hotel, the unilateral cancellation of Service provision of the cancellation of accommodation in the Hotel thereby confirms that these terms and conditions are known to them and that they agree with the content herein.
5. These General Business Terms and Conditions for Providing Accommodation Services at Hotel LOFT & WILSON PALACE enter into force on 1st July 2018.
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