The Ruins of Devín Castle

Prior to 1989, the Iron Curtain between the Eastern Bloc and the West ran just in front of the castle. Although the castle was open to the public, the area surrounding it constituted a restricted military zone, and was heavily fortified with watchtowers and barbed wire. After the Velvet Revolution the area was demilitarised.

Devín castle is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia. The castle was likely first mentioned in written sources in 864, when Louis the German besieged Prince Rastislav in one of the frequent wars between the Franks and Great Moravia respectively in the "castle of Dowina". On the other hand, the identification of Dowina with Devín Castle has been under debate based on alleged linguistic arguments and the absence of convincing archaeologic evidence.


The cruise begins with the views of the historical part of Bratislava and its waterfront and the Bratislava Castle, continues along the New Bridge and the Lafranconi Bridge towards Devín Castle.

Time table:
Bratislava 10:00 -  Devín 11:30 
Devín 13:30 - Braislava 14:00

Bratislava 14:30 -  Devín 16:00 
Devín 17:30 - Braislava 18:00
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